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The lawyers of the department all have concrete experience in national or international arbitration and in what is usually referred to as 'Alternative Dispute Resolution' or ADR, which mainly involves conciliation and mediation.

As such, we are members of various arbitration associations, the main ones being the CCI and CEPANI, and we intervene in numerous arbitration procedures as arbitrators (singly or as a panel) or as counsel to one of the parties. We also have experience in legal proceedings linked to arbitration proceedings (action to set aside or exequatur procedures of arbitration awards before the courts).

Most of the lawyers of our department give academic and scientific lectures at various universities in Belgium and abroad, and have produced numerous publications or conferences in the various fields of business law.

Finally, several lawyers occupy or have occupied major functions within the Bar Association of Brussels and Nivelles as President of the Bar or members of the Bar Council.

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