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Insurance and liability law


The insurance and liability law department has been active within the association since its creation in 1950. 

It has successively employed some of the most renowned Belgian specialists in these fields, such as Professor R.O. Dalcq. Its acquired experience, the quality of its members, the rigour and independence that it has always demonstrated and its involvement in numerous current high-profile law suits mean that it is today consulted by individuals and insurance companies alike. These unique characteristics enable it to offer a global and objective approach to the problems that it takes on.

The partner and associates of the department advise and assist trading companies, self-employed workers and private individuals in various areas of liability law (civil and criminal) and insurance, particularly:

  • Corporate liability (third-party liability, directors & officers, defective products, etc.)
  • Professional liability (healthcare professionals, construction professionals, notaries, lawyers, brokers, accountants, banking and insurance organisations, journalists, etc.)
  • Liability relating to private life (e.g. road traffic, sport and day-to-day accidents)
  • Public authority liability (executive, legislative, judiciary, highways)
  • The rights of victims and the appraisal of damages, particularly in relation to bodily injuries and personal accidents
  • Liability insurance (third-party liability, product and post-delivery third-party liability, contractors' all-risks insurance, directors' and officers' third-party liability, vehicle third-party liability, family or private third-party liability, professional third-party liability, etc.)
  • Property insurance (fire, theft, machinery breakdown, works of art, jewellery, etc.)
  • Personal insurance (hospital insurance, accident insurance, life assurance, group insurance, etc.)

Our services

The lawyers of the department advise their clients both in the pre-litigation phase (consultation, mediation, seeking an amicable resolution, etc.) and in judicial or arbitration proceedings. 

Their expertise in insurance and liability law and their day-to-day legal practice enable them to assist their clients effectively in all aspects of the matters they deal with, such as:

  • Analysis of liabilities linked to the management and operation of a company
  • Management of all litigation relating to insurance law
  • Critical and comparative examination of the guarantees contained in an insurance policy
  • Assistance to personal accident and material damage victims with a view to compensation
  • Defence of the interests of anyone faced with professional liability problems (healthcare professionals, construction professionals, notaries, lawyers, brokers, accountants, journalists, banking and insurance organisations, etc.)
  • Civil and criminal defence before the Courts
  • Adaptation of foreign insurance policies to Belgian law

Our experience

The department's lawyers are regularly consulted in the following areas:

  • Disputes relating to the application of insurance policies for damages (liability, property and expenses insurance) or personal insurance (e.g. life assurance and hospital insurance)
  • Personalised assistance for victims of road traffic accidents or of accidents in everyday life (injuries caused by animals, falls, fights, etc.) with a view to obtaining full compensation for damages (bodily injury or material damage)
  • Disputes regarding the liability of all kinds of professionals, particularly healthcare, legal and construction professionals
  • Disputes regarding the liability of companies (damage caused during company operations, marketing of defective products, directors & officers, etc.)
  • Disputes relating to construction law (liability of the different parties involved in construction, construction insurance and problems with the surrounding community)
  • Disputes relating to the laws concerning the press
  • Disputes regarding the liability of public authorities (executive, legislative, judiciary, highways)
  • Adaptation of foreign insurance policies to Belgian law
  • Criminal defence of private individuals before the police court (traffic offences, road traffic accidents, etc.)
Some of the department's lawyers are also active academically and are regularly invited as speakers at conferences organised both by the profession and by professional organisations interested in these topics.

Our team

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