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Elisabeth VANDEKERCKHOVE obtained her Master degree in Law at the Catholic University of Leuven in 2002. 

Subsequently she joined Janson as a Trainee. At Janson, Elisabeth is specialized in commercial real estate law (lease and property law) with a special focus on  commercial leases. Her clients are retailers and specialized real estate companies. For more than 15 years, Elisabeth has advised them on contract drafting, given legal advise and litigated on their behalf.

She was involved in the judicial proceedings resulting in the milestone judgments of the Court of Cassation of March 30, 2006 (regarding the requalification of leasehold in commercial lease) and of January 8, 2007 (regarding the unforeseeable character of new circumstances – article 6 of the legislation applicable to commercial leases).

Elisabeth is fluent in Dutch, French, English.

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