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Hi, I'm Jens. Pleased to meet you!

I joined Janson in 2011, with a Master's degree in Law from Ghent University and a Complementary Master's degree  in Economic Law from the Université Libre de Bruxelles in my pocket.

The main focus of my practice is on corporate and banking litigation, as well as insolvency disputes. I represent shareholders and directors in shareholder disputes and director's liability matters, assist distressed companies and their creditors trough the different stages of insolvency proceedings, and represent banks and debtors in credit and investment related matters. Nothing beats the adrenaline of some good old fashioned summary proceedings.

By now, you probably will have guessed that I don't mind putting on a robe and entering a courtroom.  Touché.

As a former football player, I like to compare court hearings to the first game of a new football season.  You've put in all the hard work during pre-season. You've analyzed your opponents' strenghts and weaknesses. You worked out a detailed gameplan. You are ready. But when Gameday comes, anything can happen. Keeping your head cool and being able to adapt to any situation is paramount. In the end, you just need to get that win - that's what it is all about.

After a long day / week of work, I clear my head and reboot by running my brains out -  I just need the endorphins! I like to spend my holidays hiking the mountain trails, preferably in the Rockies (if you've been there, you know what I'm talking about…). Mens sana in corpore sano is the devise I live by.

But enough about me. How can I help you?


Born in 1987

Senior associate

Banking Law - Corporate and commercial Law - Insolvency - Litigation

Part-time Teaching assistant at KU Leuven, Institute for Contract Law (2014-2017)

Interlaw NextGen EMEA Co-Chair (2018-current)


·         Master in Law (Ghent University), 2010, cum laude

·         Complementary Master's Degree in Economic Law (Université Libre de Bruxelles), 2011, cum laude


·         Dutch (mother tongue)

·         French

·         English


  • BENOOT, J., "De Cash Deficiency Clause, een clausule met vergaande verbintenissen", RABG 2012, 1187-1189
  • BENOOT, J., “De onderzoeksplicht van de kredietgever: een evolutie in de maak?”, RABG 2014, 1133-1137
  • BENOOT, J., “Wet betreffende de centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren”, in CERFONTAINE, J. e.a. (eds.), Wet en Duiding         Economisch Recht. Bank en Zekerheden 2014, Brussel, Larcier, 2014, 585-600
  • "Borgtocht. Een rechtsfiguur met veel facetten", Brussel, Larcier, 2015, 394 p., co-author
  • "De vervroegde terugbetaling van commerciële kredieten: it's all about perspective", co-authored with Dominique Blommaert, RABG 2019 (to appear soon)
  • "De ene borg is de andere niet: over de toepassing van de borgtochtregels op de zakelijke borg", RABG 2019 (to appear soon)


  • “Borgtocht, een rechtsfiguur met veel facetten”, M&D Seminars, 13 juni 2016 (with Dominique Blommaert).
  • “Burgerrechtelijke en strafrechtrechtelijke aansprakelijkheid van  bestuurders en bedrijfsrevisoren”, ICCI, 20 juni 2017 (with Dominique Blommaert and Céline Masschelein).
  • "Legaltech and Artificial Intelligence", Interlaw NexGen Conference, 22 March 2018 (with Johannes Cassiman)
  • "Le nouveau droit de l'insolvabilité", client seminar, Octobre 2018 (with Cédric Alter and Dominique Blommaert)

Brussels: + 32 2 675 30 30
Nivelles +32 67 21 79 95
Ghent: +32 9 240 77 20
Mons: +32 65 22 10 00
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